Dinner Menu

Our Traditional German Plates
Served with (2) of German potato salad, Mashed Potatoes, sauerkraut or red cabbage

Weiner Schnitzel Plate     18

A traditional hand breaded pork cutlet fried to golden perfection

German Sausage Plate     18

Usingers’ Bratwurst & Knackwurst and our local Texas Pepperwurst all
grilled to perfection

Jaeger Schnitzel Plate   19

Our schnitzel topped with fresh homemade mushroom gravy

Reuben Plate     16

Two eggs any style served with applewood smoked bacon, Texas Lots of Lean beef pastrami smothered in Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian
dressing on toasted rye breadand home style potatoes

Silver Creek Specials

Pork Medallions 28

Usingers’ Bratwurst & Our famous raspberry chipotle sauce tops these “little porky jewels from heaven” with
mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables and our local Pepperwurst all grilled to perfection

Maple Pecan Chicken 26

A lightly breaded pan fried 8 oz chicken breast in a maple pecan brown butter sauce
served with wild rice and seasonal vegetables

Chicken Fried Quail 28

Buttermilk soaked crunchy fried whole quail with bacon black pepper cream gravy,
mashed potatoes and fresh corn


Angel Hair Pomodoro 19

Delicate capellini pasta, light homemade tomato sauce topped with imported aged parmesan cheese. Served with garlic toast

Fettuccine Alfredo 22

Classic Roman sauce of imported aged parmesan cheese, cream, butter
and garlic over fettuccine noodles. Served with garlic toast

Shrimp Scampi 26

Seven Large shrimp sautéed with lemon, white wine and garlic served over angel hair pasta. Served with garlic toast



Texas Farm Raised Catfish 22

Cornmeal crusted fresh catfish filet with homespun tartar sauce, French fried taters and seasonal vegetables

Scottish Wild Caught

Salmon Steak 25

Wild fresh grilled salmon with honey-mustard dill butter sauce, wild rice and
seasonal vegetables


Texas Raised Black Angus Ribeye

8oz Ribeye 30

10oz Ribeye 34

12oz Ribeye 38

Texas Raised Black Angus Ribeye

USDA Choice Texas Angus Ribeye hand cut and rubbed with olive oil, black pepper and sea salt grilled to perfection with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Country Fried Steak 25

Fried to crunchy perfection smothered in our homemade bacon black pepper cream
gravy with mashed potatoes and fresh corn

Additional toppings you may add for $1.00 each:  bacon, jalapeno, grilled onions,
grilled mushrooms, guacamole, Swiss, cheddar, American, pepper jack

Schnitzel Sandwich     13

Our hand breaded schnitzel on rye bread with melted Swiss cheese and your choice of side

Chicken Caesar Wrap     13

Grilled chicken with romaine tossed with our own made from scratch Caesar dressing on a fresh homemade tortilla with your choice of side

Our Famous Hamburger     13

1/2 Pound of our secret recipe of fresh ground beef grilled to order with lettuce, tomato, onion served with a pickle on the side

Our German Sausage
Sandwiches     11

Pick one:  bratwurst, knackwurst, or pepperwurst topped with Sauerkraut on a hoagie roll. Classic tailgating food with your choice of side

Chicken Salad     11

Our classic chicken salad recipe served on Texas toast with lettuce and tomato with your choice of side

Our Sides

3.50  French Fries                  
3.00 Home-style P


2.50 Potato Chips                   
3.00 German Potato Salad     
3.00 Red Cabbage                  
3.00 Sauerkraut                      

Fish-N-Chips     14

Delicate beer battered Cod filets served with our homemade tartar sauce and crispy French fries

Grilled Chicken Breast     13

8oz Natural chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, onion served with a pickle on the side


Small Salads

Small Garden Salad 6
Small Caesar Salad 7

Cashew Chicken 17

Grilled chicken breast tossed with fresh leafy greens, toasted cashews, mandarin oranges, water chestnuts, chow mien noodles and ginger-sesame vinaigrette

You can add to any salad

  5.99  Scoop of Smoked          Chicken Salad   
5.99  Grilled Chicken          Breast             

5.99   Smoked Texas Prime   Brisket             

11.99  Grilled Shrimp                   (Available at Dinner)      

Chopped Salad 12

Fresh leafy greens, carrot, tomato, cucumber, onion and celery, crunchy light and fresh. With your choice of dressing.

Mighty Caesar 12

Romaine hearts tossed with own made from scratch Caesar dressing served with croutons and imported aged parmesan cheese


Santa Fe 18

Marinated Grilled Chicken with fresh leafy greens, pico de gallo, fresh corn, guacamole, tortilla chips, cheddar cheese and tossed in our homemade chipotle ranch dressing

Classic Greek Salad 13

Fresh leafy greens tossed with tomato, onion, feta cheese, cucumber, kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and honey-lemon herb vinaigrette

We Reserve The Right To Add Gratuity to Parties of 4 or More

The Texas Dept of Health advises that eating undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood poses a health risk everyone, but especially to the elderly, young children under the age of 4, pregnant women and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems. Thorough cooking of such animal foods reduces the risk of illness